Had Morton’s Neuroma Treatment With The Center For Morton’s Neuroma

Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma

About a year ago, I started having trouble with one of my feet. It felt like I was walking around with a pebble in my shoe. At first, I thought it was a pebble, and after checking and finding nothing in my shoe, I thought something was wrong. I let it go for about a week thinking that whatever it was would clear up on it’s own. However, it just started getting worse and more painful. After a week of going through this I decided to make an appointment with my doctor to see what was going on with my foot.

At my appointment I explained to my doctor what was going on and what I was dealing with. I let them know it felt like there was a rock in my shoe, but there definitely wasn’t anything in there. My doctor immediately asked me if I wore high heels or did any running. I told him I did both. I let him know I wear high heels to work daily and I run about 3 times a week. He said what I had was called Morton’s neuroma and that he could refer me to a place that treats this. I told him that would be great because I had to get this taken care of. He referred me to The Center for Morton’s Neuroma and I got an appointment there the next week.

I arrived at my appointment and luckily I only had to fill out a little bit of information. They had all the other information from my doctor. I couldn’t wait to see how the Morton’s neuroma treatment would work out for me. I was ready to get this taken care of because it was such an uncomfortable feeling.

I let the doctor know that I do wear high heels and I also run. He advised against both of these things until the condition was taken care of. He wanted me to try a few different methods to take care of the problem instead of recommending surgery first. He gave me exercises to do for this problem and also recommended foot pads for me to wear. After about a month of doing both of these things, I let him know that I wanted to seek other Morton’s neuroma treatment options. At this point, he recommended surgery. I told him if it worked I wanted to give it a try. He set my appointment up for surgery and I couldn’t wait to get rid of this problem.

The surgery went quickly and worked perfectly for me. I was finally free of the pebble like feeling in my shoe and I no longer had the uncomfortable feeling when I was walking or running. I’m glad I was able to get rid of it. I love this doctor too because he did try other methods before just recommending surgery to me. I’m glad my doctor referred me to this treatment center.